Daniel Schwartz

Associate Professor

Department of Political Science

Department of International Relations

Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Meet Daniel Schwartz

I am interested in political philosophy and ethics, both their historical development and selected contemporary debates. My historically focused research centers on the political and ethical thought of the Late Scholastics such as  Francisco de Vitoria, Luis de Molina or Francisco Suárez. As concerns contemporary philosophy I have written mainly on just war theory. Other topics past or present research topics include: Latin American Political Thought, Territorial Rights, Canon Law and Elections, Humanist Political Thought and Thomas de Quincey.



I was born in Uruguay in 1972 and live in Jerusalem. In 1991 I moved to Israel, where I did my BA in Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem -after a short stint at Technion where I studied Mechanical Engineering (!). I then went to Oxford to do my DPhil under the supervision of Prof. John Finnis. I am now an Associate Professor at the Departments of Political Science and IR at Hebrew University. I am a supporter of Club Nacional de Fútbol (Montevideo) and a keen mate drinker.